What is about? is a revenue share platform, which generates profits to it is members, and can also generate traffic to your sites.
Purchasing a BoraProfit Share, will make you earn every time we make a sale.
Is BoraProfit open worldwide?

Yes. All countries are welcome to join


How much does an Ad Pack Share Position Cost?

Each Ad Package  Share cost $5


What is the minimum deposit?

Minimum deposit is $5


What are the processors accepted?

We accept Payza, PerfectMoney and Bitcoin. If you have funds on your visa/master card or paypal account, you use the following website to find exchangers to fund your Payza, PefectMoney or Bitcoin account:


Is there any fee?

There is no fee on deposits, No withdrawal fee, and No membership fees.


How much can I earn per Ad Pack?

You  earn up to $7 (140%) for each share position purchased, through our Revenue share distribution.


How is the revenue profit distributed?

Every time a member buys an Ad Pack Share Position, your shares position earn!


How long does take for my Ad Pack Share Position to mature?

It may take a couple of days or a few days. It mostly depends on sales. But we also have a Speed-Up process system to help your Ad Pack positions to mature faster.


What is the SPEED-UP process about?

In ADDITION of the instant revenue share distribution, BoraProfit also adds 3% daily towards your positions to help your Ad Pack positions to mature faster.


Does my positions show up all as 1 or separately?

Your Share Posiitions will show up separately and individually. Click here to see how your positions will look like.


Is there a forced Repurchase Rule?

No there is no repurchase rule. Members are free to repurchase more Ad Pack Share if they want to.


Do I have to login and surf to earn?

No, you don't have to login or surf ads in order to earn. Just purchase Ad Packs and watch your earnings growing.


What is the minimum withdrawal request?

The minimum withdrawal request is $5


What is the maximum I can withdraw daily?

 The maximum withdraw amount per day is $150. You can make 1 withdrawal request  per day.



How long does take for my withdrawals request to be processed?

It make take from 2 to 24 hours to processed.


How is the Revenue Share distributed?

Upon a purchase of each Ad Pack Share Position, the money is split to all Ad pack shares in the system, instantly.


How much can I eanr with BoraProfit?

There is no limit of how much you can earn. Here is a quick calculation:


$5 spent: You earn back $7


$50 spent: You earn back $70


$100 spent: You earn back $140


$500 spent: You earn back $700
$1,000 spent: You earn back $1,400
$10,000 spent: You earn back $14,000


Is there a referral commission plan?

Yes. We pay up to 11% from all your referral purchases.


Level 1: 10%

Level 2: 1%


How does BoraProfit make funds to pay admin and site maintenance ?

Upon profit distribution to the positions, the system also takes 2% admin fee from each share cost , which pays admin for site maintenance. The remaining amount is distributed equally to all Share positions in the system.


What if I have any more question?

You can contact us through our contact form.


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