140% INSTANT Revenue Share Distribution

  • NO Repurchase Rule
  • NO Surfing - NO need to login to earn
  • 140% Instant Revenue Share
  • No fee to deposit - NO fee to withdraw
  • Position matures in just a few days
  • NO Membership fee
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Welcome To The Profit-Generating WebSite That Will Instantly Become Your Favourite Place To Frequent!

Bitcoin or USD, BoraProfit will be your fun and serious place to earn real money.

It is coming live to make all members satified and have a blast every time!
The script we've installed has only just been released and is state-of-the-art technology. It's so full of advanced programming options and functionality, there's simply nothing better online right now.

Why BoraProfit?

Created with honor, BoraProfit is ready to come online and make you the most of profit ever!
Because you're standing on the threshold of making a substantial income from our sustainable and lucrative high traffic model. This opportunity works so well to generate a solid income for most that participate. If you've never heard of this concept, read on now and prepare to be blow away by the HUGE potential that's right in front of you today.

How BoraProfit Works?

Once you signup, you will be able to Add funds to your account and buy a position that we call "Ad Pack Share Position".
Each Ad Pack Share cost $5 and matures at $7.
Purchasing an Ad Share, will create a position which you will instantly start earning profits from it.
Each Ad pack share includes 15000 Advertsiement credits which you can use to advertise other sites through out our website.

But here's the kicker that makes this program absolutely insane !... There is a 2% Admin fee which is necessary for site maintenance. Once the 2% admin fee and referral commissions (if any) are taken from the share price, the remainder amount is INSTANTLY split equally and distributed to all Ad Packs positions in the system. All these happen automatically, instantly, in a matter of seconds. Next step? Just watch your earnings grow by the minute!
You will see how excited you will be when you start seeing your earnings growing...

The best thing of all is that your positions will earn with no hassle! No need to login or surf to earn! Just buy your Ad Pack positions and watch your earnings go to up!
No more 30 minutes of waiting. No more waiting until next day to see the earnings. With BoraPtofit you will see your earning growing LIVE and INSTANT, every time a member buy an Ad Pack Share Position.
Your position will mature once it reaches $7. Then you can withdraw it or use your earnings to buy more share positions to earn more.

Take a look on how simple our system works:

Speed-up Process

We have created a way where your Ad shares won't take much time to mature.
Even though BoraProfit is expecting to have a lot of sales, we have something amazing which will blow your mind!! It is a real deal which will make your ad packs never stall ==>
In ADDITION of the instant revenue share distribution, BoraProfit also adds 3% daily towards your positions to help your Ad Pack positions to mature faster. So even on the low sales day, your Ad Packs will still earn. Your maximum daily limit of earning will be 70% of all the money you have spent.

The system is set up to make your Ad Pack Shares to mature at $7 ( 140% ). This allows the development of the system to split a equal revenue to everyone.

Program Features

Referral Commission Program

Even though you don’t need to refer others in order to earn, we pay 10%
referral commission from advertisement packs sales.

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